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 Our Team


Doug Brown

Staff Appraiser/ Partner

A seasoned appraisal veteran, Doug has trained over 20 licensed appraisers over his 30+ years of appraisal experience. Formerly the District Director of a large bank, Doug has a wide range of appraisal knowledge to draw from. He retains positions on many bank panels for high-end and complex properties.


Kyle Paquin

Staff Appraiser/ Partner

Kyle started out as our office manager and received his Certified Residential Appraiser certification in nearly half the time of other appraisers due to his rapid acquisition of complex appraisal concepts. Kyle’s attention to detail and firm system processing has helped make Valuable Appraisal a leader in the local appraising industry.


Kristie Barnes

Office Manager

Kristie runs the office with precision. She has an Associates Degree in Business Administration. If you call in or email us, she will be your point of contact.